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Silicon Bracelets: The Choice of New Generation

Current Affairs November 13, 2017

Fashion is highly cyclic in nature; today what is a rage may vanish from the market altogether. Following this rule, new colors, new designs or new materials come to dominate the fashion scene for some time only to be replaced once again by some other fad. The current age is characterized by the emphasis on the accessories and as opposed to the chunky, expensive pieces; today’s generation is drawn more to the inexpensive, wearable, sporty pieces that can be worn on a daily basis without damage. These explain why an item like silicon wristband has won the hearts of millions of young people across the nation.

What about the material, silicon? It is a semi-inorganic polymer. The material has several advantages; it is a flexible material that can not be damaged by heat and also resists water. All these features qualify silicon for making a wide range of products; silicone bracelet is one of them.

silicone bracelets, www.silicon-wristband.com, are inexpensive. But with their attractive, youthful color schemes and versatile designs, they look extremely fashionable. In addition to that, silicon bracelets are durable and they are hygienically safe and comfortable to wear. But not only the appearance, the message they bear have much to do with their immense popularity. Different colored wristbands represent different causes. In most of the cases the bands are worn with the aim of building awareness about the detection and cure of a particular disease. In certain cases the silicon bracelets are worn to signify certain social causes like violence against pet animals or for boosting up environmental consciousness among people.

The silicon bracelets that are rage among young generation today have been originated in the imagination of Lance Armstrong, the world famous cyclist and a cancer survivor himself. He founded a charitable organization called Lance Armstrong Foundation and the yellow silicone bracelets, designed by him were sold as fund-raising initiative by the foundation with an aim to assist cancer survivors.

The other charitable organizations were quick to follow the trend and many non profit foundations and movements designed their own custom silicon bands to promote their own causes. Thus the pink colored bands came to be associated with the fight against breast cancer; the red bands came to signify battle against HIV and AIDS.

What is the secret behind this enormous success behind this simple little accessory called silicon wristband? Is it only the look that makes them irresistible for the young generation? No, it is the young generation’s way of responding to the various societal problems-it is their way of saying that ‘we also care’. It is too early to predict whether the silicon wristbands will survive the test of time, but one thing is clear. It sparked off a positive enthusiasm that helped accumulate millions of dollars to be spent for some really good cause.

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