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Silicone Wristbands for Awareness

Current Affairs November 13, 2017

Almost everyone is familiar with silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets that come in different colors and artworks to spread awareness about specific diseases or important social causes.
Many people now know that a yellow wristband is supporting the troops and pink color wristbands for breast cancer.
Silicone made rubber bracelets are today ubiquitously used for spreading awareness and/or raising funds by many social movements and charity organizations. You can also buy custom-made wristbands with the organizations name, logo and message engraved in the bracelets.

The advantage is when people wear these silicone bracelets with eye-catchy printed messages it will further create awareness for the cause.
These custom bracelets spread awareness about cancer, domestic violence, child abuse, AIDS, gender bias, tobacco use, alcoholism and many other social and health issues. There are branded wristbands sold during charity events and they obviously cost more and the extra amount you pay is considered your donation to a worthy cause.

Glow-in-the-dark bands are the most sought-after and latest innovation in bracelets
Customized bracelets are effectively used not only to spread awareness about a cause but also to generate a sense of belonging and a spirit of unity amongst the people.
The Love Our Children Awareness bracelet is an elegant looking sterling silver half-inch cuff bracelet featuring the image of interlocking triangles representing – Love, Respect eureka melbourne and Protection.

Breast cancer affects a large number of women every year and it is a major health concern that all women face regardless of age. One of the biggest weapons against breast cancer is awareness and this can be achieved through wristbands with a message.
Drug-Free Week is a time allotted every year to draw public attention to the harmful effects of drugs. The awareness is most effectively created through the use of appropriate bracelets.

Then, you have the autism bracelet which is a silicone wristband that either has a puzzle piece charm, awareness ribbon or some other image to convey autism. The puzzle piece wristbands with a message is the universal symbol of autism awareness.
The Red Thread Movement was started by two Abilene Christian University students to raise funds to end human trafficking in Nepal and also to spread awareness about the sexual exploitation of women and children. This bracelet is a simple symbol of the fight against human trafficking and the relief offered to those rescued.

AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is the disease that strikes and weakens the immune system of an individual. It is estimated that 33.3 million people worldwide have transmitted HIV and are living with either HIV or full-blown AIDS. December is the AIDS awareness month and red is the color of bracelet worn for that cause.

The colors usually used for creating an awareness of different causes are:

Black – Mourning
Brown – Domestic Violence
Cool Gray – Diabetes
Green – Health, Ecology, Leukemia, Organ Donation
Light Blue – Prostate Cancer
Navy Blue – Child Abuse/ Colon Cancer
Orange – Hunger, Racial Tolerance
Pink – Breast Cancer
Red – Aids, Blood Donation, DUI Awareness, Substance Abuse
Reflex Blue – Drunken driving awareness
Violet – Sexual Abuse, Children with Diabetes
White – Right to Life, Free Speech, Alzheimer’s Syndrome

Yellow – General Cancer
Due to its immense popularity, people worldwide are taking recourse to wearing/ selling rubber bracelets to spread awareness of a cause that they believe in and awareness bracelets have thus become a unisex fashion accessory and a lot more appealing than even many other forms of jewelry.

Whatever cause you want to spread awareness about, you can visit the nearby departmental stores or go to the website and purchase the type of bracelet which suits for the cause.

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