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Famous Lakes in India

Natural lakes are generally found in mountainous areas.Lakes can be contrasted with rivers or streams, which are usually flowing. Most lakes are fed and drained by rivers and streams.

Famous Lakes in World

A lake is an area filled with water, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land, apart from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake

Indian Gold Medal Winners in 2018 CWG

The Indian contingent recorded its third best ever medal haul at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia. Won 26 Gold medals, total medals were 66. India finished third behind leaders Australia and second-placed England, 

History of Art

History of Art The history of art is the history of any activity or product made by humans in a visual form for aesthetical or communicative purposes, expressing ideas, emotions or, in general, a worldview. Ancient Art (2,500,000 BCE -…

Manufacturer of Detergent Powder & Cake

Detergent Powder & Cake Due to the disadvantage of the laundry soap in the hard water,the detergent cake and powder have taken an important role in the washing era. The expansion of the petro chemical industries the raw material is…

Business in Batting Gloves

Project Profile on Batting Gloves The Cricket Batting Gloves are used as safety guards by the players while playing the Cricket to save hand from any injury being caused by the cricket ball and these gloves also observes the shock…

How to Start Business in Ceramic Candles

PROJECT PROFILE ON CERAMIC CANDLES (FOR WATER FILTER) Ceramic candles used for water filtering and fitted inside of the steel tubler or pot for dfilter the water, and to get it bacteria free and these are made of various ceramic raw…

What do you know about Sridevi?

Sridevi Kapoor Biography, Daughter, Age, Family, Husband, Son, Movies, Height Sridevi Kapoor, a pioneering woman in Indian cinema who riveted audiences for nearly five decades, died in Dubai. Sridevi was born on August 13, 1963 in Siwaksi…