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Current Affairs November 13, 2017

Linear Technologies Corp. introduces the LTC2945, a wide range I²C method monitor that monitors the current, voltage and power of any to 80 V rail. In numerous instances, prior power monitoring solutions are limited to three to five V supplies and monitor voltages much less than 36 V, requiring added circuitry to monitor larger voltages. The LTC2945 has flexible power supply options, deriving power from a four to 80 V monitored supply, a two.7 to 80 V secondary provide, or from the onboard shunt regulator. These supply options eradicate the require for a separate buck regulator, shunt regulator or inefficient resistive divider while monitoring any to 80 V rail. The LTC2945 is a straightforward, single-IC solution that uses an internal Delta Sigma ADC and multiplier to supply 12-bit present and voltage measurements and 24-bit energy readings.

As constantly, I appreciate your assistance and I appear forward to an thrilling year ahead. RFMD will distribute fiscal 2013 second quarter economic benefits at approximately four:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 See a lot more from us in ourBuyers Guide directory listing. Following is a choice of key announcements, new items and participating exhibitors relevant to the RF and microwave sector. Publisher The Brief List The Swing Aspect Packet is exactly where it is at Aethercomm Inc., VSWR Manage LSB Sizen connector crimp tool

A telephone playback of the conference call will be available about 1 hour after the call’s completion and can be accessed by dialing 303-590-3030 and using the passcode 4587278. The playback will be accessible by means of the close of organization January 29, 2013

Precision Devices, Inc., a member of the Avrio Technologies Group, showed its flat pack Series XO clock oscillators for the first time at DSEI. Utilizing premium swept quartz crystal in a four-point mount blank, the clock oscillators are now screened to one hundred krad Total Ionized Dose (TID), which means that they are verified to manage the radiation they will endure in space. The components have been tested in a proton beam of 64 MeV in steps of 25 krad until the total dose (TID) was one hundred krad.

MID is all about integrating electronic circuits and components directly on three-dimensional plastic elements. This enables chips to be elegantly stacked in their assemblies, and the antennas in smartphones or netbooks to be incorporated directly inside the housing, therefore saving space. Integrating functions also decreases the quantity of person components required, eliminates a complete variety of production steps, automatically saves extra expenses and creates higher quality components.n connector adapter

The LTC2945 and LTC2945-1 are presented in commercial and industrial versions, supporting operating temperature ranges from 0°to 70°C and -40° to 85°C, respectively. Both versions are offered right now in RoHS compliant,12-pin three x three mm QFN and 12-lead MSOP packages. Pricing starts n type to bnc at $3.57 every single in 1,000 piece quantities. Please visit www.linear.com/items/power_monitors for much more solution selection and details.

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