Project Profile on Batting Gloves

The Cricket Batting Gloves are used as safety guards by the players while playing the Cricket to
save hand from any injury being caused by the cricket ball and these gloves also observes the
shock caused by hitting the ball, thus also help to keep the hand in comfortable condition during
the play for longer period by absorbing the perspiration, etc. Initially, Batting Gloves were
manufactured of leather but due to fast changing technology, the new synthetic material has
been developed which is suitable, more durable and cheaper than the leather material.The
process of manufacturing the Batting Gloves is the same as for other industrial gloves. The only
difference is that for the safety of fingers, pads are used made out of woolen rug or foam
attached on the upper side of the gloves.

Process of Manufacture:As per graded pattern, the components are clicked manually or by
clicking process.-Pre or post printing of monogram log etc. is carried out.This depends upon the
price of the product agreed upon. Components are stitched together and padding is attached
separetly over the post bed machine.Fixing of buckle and button etc. Finishing i.e.excess
thread/material or oily matter etc. is removed.Inspection and signing of Tag with full despriction,
etc. Packing as per buyer’s instruction.
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