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Alien habitable places in the Universe.


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1.  Orion Nebula

Orion is one of the best nebula in outer space, which looks at the naked eye at night. The Aurian Nebula is actually located 1500 light years away from the Earth.It may takes several millions of years to transform such particles into a life form. Anyway these informations gives clear evidence of aliens life in this universe.



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2. Europa

Europa is one of Jupiter’s natural satellites. Solar energy is the smooth surface of the assortment, including oxygen and water in the moon.Europa has water ice surface, also contain an underground ocean.European space agency planed a landing mission on Europa which is scheduled for 2022, can reveals more about life on Europa.


 3. Callisto

  Callisto is Jupiter’s second largest natural satellite. Until the discovery of water’s presence, space scientist Kalisto is called ‘Murtak Chand’.Callisto meteoroids contains amino acids and  carbonic contents, proofs for the building block of life.Callisto Moon have a low radiation surface, habitable environment for life forms.



4. Exoplanets

In the universe there are many Earth-like planets. Such exoplanets also contain many organic particles. Like the stars in galaxies, the presence of the sun strengthens the possibility of life on such a planet.. Exoplanets are actually planetary bodies that are revolving around a start, just like Earth orbits around Sun.

5. Mars

The red planet is the most focal point on the solar system to find an alien resident herself. Solar systems, sizes, environments, and status rates, along with the data collected by the recent Mars mission, indicate that life on the planet is possible.Presence of dried river beds, volcanoes, ice caps and various minerals.

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