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Amazing Astronomical Events.


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1. Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse can be seen several times in a year. But the solar eclipse is very rare to see the entire sun. Total solar eclipse means when the moon is covered completely for a short period of time.The Moon makes 400 timers closer approach to Sun than the Earth. In that way during possible orbital condition full solar eclipse will occur.



2. Blue Moon

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Blue moon is actually a second full moon within a calender month which only happen in every two years. The occurrence of two full Moon has a gap of 29 days. As there are 30 days in every month it is possible to see two full Moon in a month.



3. Venus Transition

The transit of Venus is actually an astronomical process in which the planet Venus travels between the earth and the sun. During this tractor, Venus can see the Earth as a black disk under the sun’s shadow.This event repeat in every eight years. But the position of Venus in the shade of Sun may varies.



4. Great White Thunder Storm

In every 30 Earth years a huge storm formation will occur in the Northern hemisphere of Saturn. This rare astronomical event is known as great white thunder storm. This ammonia rich cloud formation causes by strong thunder and lightning.



5. Planetary Alignment

The possibility of alignment between planets in the solar system is very rare. Space scientists estimated that there is a rare planetary alignment of Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will occur in the 2040.It is also recorded alignment of Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in 2000. In May 2011 it is recorded the triangular alignment of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.



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