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Beautiful colorful animals in the world.


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1.Scarlet Macaw

Scarlett McGoyz is a large, elegant colored pottery that lives in South America. Their wings have a mixture of red, yellow and blue colors. Scarlett Macab is well known for his impressive colors. They are also very social and intelligent birds. They also have very strong and beautiful bills.



2. Mandarin Duck

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The Mandarin Dux is a bright, colorful, medium-sized duck that is the root of Asia. Men are more attractive than male maldives. They have a gold color with purple chest, light green head, orange-gold feathers and green crowns.Male mandarin ducks use their striking coloration to attract females. Mandarin ducks live in large flocks.



There are 40 different types of tokens in the world. Tolkien is the native place of South America forests. The long eight inch size color bills are the main attractions of the tokens. Their attractive bat comes in black, blue, brown, green, red and yellow. Miscellaneous bills are also found in books.



 4. Love Birds

Lovebirds are one of the world’s most popular pets. Mix is ​​the highlight of the brightest colorful wings of birds. They are very modern and social.It can be a long term companion for you. Because they live more than 20 years. There are seven different species of lovebirds in the world that varies in color. Even though a member of parrot family, love birds can’t talk, but can be one of most adorable social bird ever.

5. Panther Chameleon

Countless chicks are the most colorful snake in the world. They live in Madagascar’s tropical forests. The worker has the power to change into different colors that match the surroundings better. Penta chapel is one of the eloquent examples among the animals.




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