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Birds with wonderful tails.


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1.Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise is a stunningly colorful bird that renowned for its vibrant courtship display. Male Paradise is beautiful black samples of birds, blue crown, black high feathers, yellow color and blue flowers. Their tail is not so long, but the curvaceous shapes and beautiful violet tanning in the family of birds is very unique.The female bird of paradise has a brownish body compared to colorful male. To attract the female, the male bird performs an exceptional courtship display.



2.Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

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Related to the body size, male Ribbon-tailed astrapia has the longest tail feather in bird family. Found only in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, a fully grown male astrapia has a length up to 1 feet. Surprisingly. Its ribbon like white tail feathers grows up to a length of 3 feet. That’s three times of their body length.


3. Indian Peafowl

Most of us these beautiful birds in the form of peacocks. But in reality it is the name of the male bird of the bee family. In this family, the most popular species are the Indian Morol, the other two types are the Congo and the green mothers as you know, the Peacock is known for its spectacular traditional exhibition by spreading its long, heart-strung tail feathers.



4. Superb Lyrebird

Superb Lyrebird is a ground-dwelling bird with an extraordinarily long tail feathers. This magnificent bird is native to rainforests of Southeastern Australia. It’s a large bird where the male bird has an exceptionally long tail.This amazing tail of superb lyrebird feature sixteen feathers. Interestingly, these long feathers form a lyre (stringed musical instrument) like shape. In courtship display, the male lyre bird flips these beautiful feathers to attract the female.

5. Long-tailed Widowbird

From its name you can believe that this bird has long tail, but its beauty and length of its tail are far beyond your imagination. The tail of this great bird is fitted to 20 inches. It is almost three times that which is the length of their body. Female has a small and tight tail that the man’s tail is not only long but also wide. Most long-term measures are black except for the orange pickers



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