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Facts about flowers


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Perhaps the most beautiful flower in the world 500 BC Human beings have begun to produce roses. This beautiful, handsome flower we have a very long time connection. Roses also represents a symbol of love, honor, faith, beauty and emotion.Beauty is the main factor that makes the rose very popular among the flowers and flower lovers. There are 100+ different types of roses in the world. The truth is that all types of roses have their own unique beauty.Rose can be found in different colors of red, yellow, pink, white and orange. Black and pure blue roses are not present. Though the color roses appear to be the best, red roses are very special for us because it is a symbol of true love.

2. Tulips

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There are more than 3000 types of tulips in 150 different types of world. This diversity will make it one of the world’s most popular and most cultivated flowers on it.In each spring, onion size flowers open. This flower comes in all colors except pure blue. Generally, there is only one flower on each stem of one of the tulips. But some types of tulips have more than one flower on one stem.


3. Orchid

Both big and small are more orchid, small life and long-lived ochchids. In addition to these facts, the orchid’s highest elevation features are their unique legislation and dark colors. Certain types of orchids are like other eggs such as animals or plants.In addition to size, complex colors also play a big role in the wonderful appearance of the archive.



4. Gazania

Gazania has shown a beautiful daisy, which is the full island of South Africa. It is also known as treasure flower.it grows well in locations where they get full sunshine. Vividly-flowers start to appear in the mid-summer and continue through early fall. Gazania open in vivid shades of orange, yellow, red, pink and white


5. Bird Of Paradise

From May to September, a mature bird blossoming from the paradise plant, each flower has three, honest, orange ponds and three, green, blue, internal, sipplans. There are also long, green leaf in the plant. Overall, these flowers have a flying, heavenly bird, similar to those of the world’s most colorful birds.Bird of paradise grows well in outdoors. It needs full sunshine once the flowers are degraded, you should cut the knobs to promote the next level of flowers



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