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History of Charminar


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The Charminar is a square-shaped structure made from granite and lime mortar. This monument is mainly an Islamic-style design, but the effect of Hindu architecture can be seen in its decoration. It is eaten on every corner by four bowlers, which is 48.7 meters high. It is believed that four Minaras are symbols of Islam’s first four Khalifa. Four stories of every minaret are high, and the floor is divided by the orbits that are decorated around it. The mosque is located on the high floor, and visitors can enjoy a short walk of 149 steps to get there.

The reason for the magnificence of such architecture is unclear, although it is widely accepted that the spinach has been celebrated for the destruction of the plague, which was widespread during that time in the city.According to Jean Thainot of the 17th century French passenger, whose interpretation was a complement to the Persian texts, the construction was done to celebrate the birth of the second Islamic  nineteen year.Others believe that the king had constructed a construction site, where he had previously held his eyes on his future wife (God) Bhagamtami.

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