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Most Beautiful Countries in Asia


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Asia’s countries will fullfill all your expectations in this regard. From the shores of  Indonesia and Oman to the Himalayas of Bhutan and Malaysia’s forests, you can find  wonderful beautiful places:


Looking at some beautiful beaches of Indonesia, there should be a very pleasant work with more than 17,000 islands of the country. Everywhere you look, more than the oceans and some  mountains.Major landmarks include fishing villages, Diage Plateau in central Java, multi-
linge lake and Hindu temples, Manizou in the west Sumatra Lake, which has a bakery on a
bicamy road Do not forget about Bali with its famous rice waters and stunning sea boats,
and can relieve your breath, and do not forget about Bali with its famous rice water and
stunning sea boats.

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Will not the country be beautiful if it is surrounded by mountains such as the Himalayas,
which play a small state of Bhutan?Architecture is excellent and some more with excellent
engineering buildings possessed with mountainous terrain. Among the most prominent places
are the Paro valley, which has its red-roofed temples. From Paro, you can take a two-hour
drive to Chelala Pass, seeing the fattening yax in the game. Or you can visit Chakore
Valley, which belongs to Little Italy of Asia, is watching the pilgrimage spot on the way.


China is a large country from Asia, where it is full of beauty from one side to another. From the North East, where the hill is surrounded around Belling, the country is home to a large number of villages with rice capillaries prepared by colored rice poderia and the
population of the Greek province, the county is a great place.You can also get your beautiful fix boating at the rate at the rate of the Carti Foundation, you can cross the yangjes through three guards or the pre-Vijender of Sichuan Jujbalgo.

4. Iran

There are many beautiful majjids and oldest palaces in the country, but the natural beauty of Iran can only win these fabulous buildings effectively. A typical place is Badaab-i-Suit, a natural hot surfaces in northern Iran. There are also many beautiful ceremonial gardens in Iran, which include the historic Memorial Gardens in the Shariar, which include its magnificent views pools.


5.The Philippines

The best time to go on sea boats during sunrise is when the skyline is filled with elegant colors and after entering the fish-boiled fish boils you will be coming to the rice terrace that are filling the hills with greenish colors. If you go to Bohol, check the chocolate hills, whose alliance tarnishes the stones on each other.



6. Vietnam

In Vietnam, beautiful spots can be found underground, such as the Tiger Dong cave, the world’s largest cave and other caves, forests and lakes. Or visit the Mekong River to see “Rice bowl” and “floating market” which are interesting to us, but the oahe is common to the Vietnamese people.



7. Oman

Oman’s empire, which is the official name of the country, is located on the mouth of the Persian Gulf, so you have got great water views. Walk around and you will be able to see the mountains in the distance, along with the beautiful fishing villages between the desert, the old towns, the white mosques shining in the sun and many grips so that a beautiful place to meet Oman Can be made.


8. Malaysia

Malaysia has spectacular scenes within its borders, so if the time is short, then you should take care of your eyes carefully. If you want beautiful sea boats, then the head of Langkawi in Daliipula. It is made of fine sand and clear water; It is close to the tropical forests along with spectacular colorful vegetation.If you want to see the historic buildings, look for an old fossil fox in Malacca And if you are after the green hills and mountains, then the head of the Cameron Highlands with its big tea gardens.

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