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Top five writer of the world.


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1. Dan Brown

The best-selling author Dan Brown shows how the best “Page Turner” works: small response, simple conversations, simple letters, many killings and a huge amount of glow. If only
really it is easy to become one of the most widely educated writers in the world! American writer Dan Brown has not kept his secret yet before his success, he learned English and was a failed singer and musician, he wrote William Band “187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for  the Romantic Fostered Woman”.

2. Agatha Christie

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She is the queen of mystic stories, Christie has set up several billions of books, the most successful writers among the living writers, it is very difficult to beat such sales. Released in 1934 on “Murdere on the Orient Express” in which Pirot (a fictional detective)  must be a cruel assassination of a fellow traveler. Ice rides in trains, no one can survive  and still, the killer does not seem to be in t Paulo Coelho Institute.

3.Paulo Coelho

Paulo Colho Wrote Wise for Everyone and Every Purpose 65-year-old Brazilian is the owner of  the light style. He neither draws complicated theories nor powers to think. They want to
direct their readers’ motives and they seem to be able to avoid it. All of his books are international successes, leading the way “The Alchemist” of it as the most translated book in the world and also qualified for the Guinness Book of World Records. Coelho is enthusiastic about the Internet and for a long time and supports the free download of his books. His this step has even boosted the sale of his books more.

4.Ken Follett

Ken Folett studied philosophy and worked as a journalist in the 1970’s, and then in a publishing house. Because the British did not complete the work, he started writing. With the spies thriller of World War II “Needle Eye”, he achieved his first major success and later became one of the leading players in the business. Currently Follet has released “Fell of Joints” about the war. The author spread Panorama of Europe’s sinking continent on the shores of World War I The future of an English domestic worker, two Russian brothers and one Anglo-German couple, he connects them with each other and with major historical events.

5.John Grisham

John Grisham comes from a humble background. He grew up in America and made a dream career. He studied business administration and law. As an advocate, he wrote the first two novels
in his spare time while working.
The second, “The Firm” film was made, and was a Mega seller. This is about a very talented
young attorney who received a great job offer and could be motivated to become a tennisian. They soon realize that the environment is sinking and even deadly.

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