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Top ten award of the world.


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1.The Nobel Prize

This prestigious award is named for Alfred Noble, who created the dynamite. The first Nobel Prize was introduced in 1901, and the number of areas represented in it has been increased from six to six. Prizes are awarded in the fields of chemistry,
physics, literature, medicine, economics and peace. In addition to getting a diploma and a gold medal, winners of each
category are also given the prize money.

2.The Booker Prize

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Now known as The Man Booker Prize for the story, it is Britain’s most famous celebrity award. It has been handed over to an author every year whose best novel has been published in the last 12 months. Apart from being shortlisted for receiving a Man Booker prize, it is also recognized in its own right.


3.The Academy Awards

Perhaps the most famous award in US cinema, Oscar is handed over to actors, directors, producers and film personalities every year, who worked in the best films of the past year. The Academy Awards ceremony was inaugurated in 1929, and the event’s broadcast attracted more than one billion viewers worldwide.



4.The Palme d’Or

Cannes is the giant in the film festivals. Palme d’Or is the most prestigious award, and it is also the most popular on the festive season. This award was made in 1955 and is directed to the director of the film. Many popular movies include the Taxi
Driver, Acoclipus Nava, Pump Fiction and The Panicist to receive the awards.



5.The BAFTA  Awards

These awards, handed out by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), are the U.K. equivalent of the Emmys. The annual awards honor achievements in both film and television. Many popular actors have won both BAFTA Awards and Academy



6.The Pulitzer Prize

America’s premier prize in journalism, literature and musical composition, Pulitzer Prizes are awarded yearly in 21
categories. In addition to receiving a certificate and medal, winners also receive a $10,000 prize. These prizes have been
awarded since 1917. In recent years, categories have been expanded to include online journalism.

7. The Golden Globes

Golden Globes is considered to be the daughter of more party of the Reserve Academy Awards, honoring the achievements in the film. Actors, directors and other film professionals meet to identify each other Dinner and Drinks are standard on these awards

8.The BRIT Awards

Launched in 1977, the BRIT Awards honor achievements in popular music. They’re similar to the Grammys, and many of the artists who win awards are top-sellers on both sides of the pond.

9.The Grammys

Grammy awards were provided in a variety of classical, jazz, country and popular music categories, and they were launched in 1959. Stevie Wonder is one of the most important winners in 2015 with a total of 22 grams.



10.The MTV Video Music Awards

MTV VMA has been entrusted with the post since 1984. They do the best regard for music videos in different categories.
Madonna has won the most VMAs with a total of 69 nominations and 19 wins.

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