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when Pachacuti came to power in 1438, the Inca were quickly expanding, but he did much to enhance and consolidate their empire. All the wealth he and future kings acquired during their reigns, he decreed, would be devoted to housing and caring for their mummified remains.

This practice build the idea that the ruler was immortal. It also forced each new Ruler to make his own fortune and reputation through Conquest. when Pachacuti abdicated in favor of his son in 1471, the young did just that , Completing the conquest of the Chimu begun by his father.

Pachacuti forced some defeated groups to resettle near the Inca homeland. where they were closely watched. Loyal subjects were sent to colonize newly conquered territory. before stepping down as Emperor, he built Machu Picchu, a majestic mountaintop retreat and ceremonial center near the Inca capital Cusco.

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