It is true to believe that traditional way of living is incompatible with today’s generation. The way of living was quite different than now, we surely cannot rely on that forever. Although this way of living would never work out for youngsters these days, I consider some old tradition ideas and values we should never forget.

Perspectives that elder people have about the life back are no longer suitable for new generation. At that time people used to bind by the society which is not a case now. At those times ,for example ,people were more into learning a work or profession and then settle down in it for the rest of their lives.conversly, this is not the situation now, people now have variety and choices to opt for. and everyone is free to choose their career and study also .at the same time relationship worked in different way in that time, exactly we talked about earlier. Their parents chose their life partners but now people choose their life partners own and also people are not really feel the need of relationship especially the younger generation which was a compulsion for the people years back from now. There is a lot which have been changed since then.

On the other hand, there are some values which should surpass to new generation such as hard work. Hard work is a quality which our ancestor developed and I think should be kept for years and years which is great. Politeness is another traditional value which is perhaps a great quality to keep from ancestors’ .people with that same old respecting nature and old fashion community sense can really live upto a great life.