SN Particulars
1HDFC Bank cut the MCLR by 5 basis points (bits) through its tenor marginal cost of the fund-based lending rate..
2The RBI was formed as an internal working party to revise the private-sector private-sector private-sector ownership and organisational structure laws.
3Forex reserves in India have now reached the US$ 500 billion level, according to data published by the Indian Reserve Bank (RBI).
4India obtained 750 million US dollars from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).
5The Union cabinet led by Narendra Modi has taken three historic agricultural decisions to the advantage of farmers and turn farming
6British Petroleum Service will develop its Global Business Service Center in Pune, Maharashtra for its global firms.
7The TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Production Federation of India) hosted a webinar.
8Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri SVANidhi Street Sellers Scheme, which provides street vendors with Rs 10,000 credit.
9The Bihar State Jal Jeevan Annual Action Plan has been approved by the Centre.
10The Real Time Electricity Market (RTM) was implemented by Indian Energy Exchange.
11India is expected to attend the United Kingdom-led Global Vaccine Summit.
12Microsoft confirmed the launching of a programme to facilitate agricultural transformation for agritech start-ups in India.
13India is set to be chosen for an eighth term to the UN Security Council
14The Indian National Highway Authority (NHAI) was the first of its kind to be entirely digitalised in the transportation business.
15Recently, the Indian government restructured the Company Insolvency Settlement and Liquidation Advisory Council.
16As part of the ‘Made in India campaign,’ the central government has distributed indigenous fans in hospitals across the world to combat the pandemic of COVID-19.
17Recently the High Court in Bombay ordered a study from the NEERI and the GSI (Geographical Survey of India), on the Environmental Impact Assessment for Lonar Lke.
18The India Serum Institute located in Pune will provide low-income countries with a pneumonia vaccine
19Indian Prime Minister Shri Modi launched a videoconference on 20 June 2020 for migrant workers with a pledged rs 50,000 Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan
20Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of North Eastern Development (DoNER) reviewed the condition of COVID and health facilities in Aspirational districts with a particular emphasis on North Eastern.
21In the next two years, India has declared a donation of US$ 10 million in the United Nations Organization for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
22The Union cabinet led by Premier Narendra Modi has authorised the creation of the Fund for Production of Animal Husbandry Infrastructures (AHIDF).
234125 crore rupees have been allotted by the Central Government to revitalise Tamil-rural, Nadu’s small and medium scale enterprises.
24The government has allowed Indian airlines to raise their domestic passenger flights’ ability from 33% to 45%.
25The Government of India has begun an ambitious ‘one country and one ration card’ initiative for migrant employees.
26The foundations of the Sanskritik Sadbhav Mandap were laid at Numaish Ground in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh by Mukhtar Abbass Naqvi, Union Minister for Minority Affairs.
27The government of Himachal Pradesh has granted second language status to Sanskrit
28The Center authorised 175 crore rupees in the course of 2020-21 to introduce the Jal jeevan Mission in Meghalaya.
29The first ‘food-forests’ in Kerala are being created at Attapady in Palakkad District on this World Environnement Day.
30Central Tax and Customs Board (CBIC) has unveiled Turant, Bengaluru and Chennai’s flagship project.
31The government of West Bengal was issued a loan by the World Bank to Rs 1950 crore.
32The government of Uttar Pradesh has prepared an action plan for 10 positions in the next 6 months.
33The Jammu and Cashmere Government recently began the Poultry Strategy 2020.
34A special committee for the generation of jobs and the safety of employees was formed in Uttar Pradesh.
35The State of Tripura has agreed to begin from 25 June 2020 a scheme for school children.
36On the issue of whether HydroxyCloroquine (HCQ) treatment is successful in managing COVID-19, the World Health Organisation has reopened its clinical trials.
37China’s unmanned dipper — the Haidou-1′ — has dived into the deepest ocean on the globe at a depth of ten,907 metres.
38Second Lieutenant Anmol Narang will build history by being the first observant Sikh to finish Saturday in West Point at the prestigious US Military Academy.
39A constitutional change had been rendered on 18 June 2020 by the Parliament of Representatives in Nepal, which updated the map of Nepal.
40The development of a 1124 MW Kohala Hydro Dam on June 25, 2020 was completed via the Tripartite Power Purchase Agreement (TPPA).
41The World Economic Forum has declared its next summit in Davos to be celebrated under the theme: The Great Reset.
42The 36th ASEAN meeting took place by phone in the aftermath of the outbreak of the COVID-19.
43The Science and Environment Center (CSE) has published the Environment of India survey, 2020.
44In an exhaustive protection and risk evaluation survey on the nations discussing Covid-19, India rated 56th out of 200 countries.
45The Earth science Ministry recently published its report: Assessment of Climate Change in Indian Area Towards
46The Swiss National Bank (SNB) issued annual figures for banking 2019′. The new SNB data reveals that India has changed to 77th in cash parking by its population in terms of three place.
47The first interactive bilateral summit of India was hosted by PM Modi and Australian Pm Scott Morrison.
48Digitally signed an MoU with the Rotary Indian Humanity Foundation under the supervision and sponsorship of the Department of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the NCERT (National Council of Educative Study and Training).
49The EPFO (Effective Supplying Fund) has collaborated with the General Service Center to provide EPS retirement pensioners with the facility for presenting Digital Jeevan Pramaan.
50India and Nepal have signed an MOU to develop the facilities of the temple complex in Pashupatinath.
51On 18 June, Jio Portals and the Dependency Industries reported that the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund had invested RS 11 367 crore.
52A collection of unique films has been partnered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Minister of Sports in order for 10 Indian indigenous sports to be encouraged.
53Since Juventus was beaten by 4:2 on shooting in the Finale by the football club Napoli after an ungoaled tie, the cup secured the Coppa Italia 2019 -20.
54India will submit a military triple service contingent on June 24, 2020 for participating in the Russian Victory Day Parade.
55An Airborne Rescue Pod for Isolated Transportation (ARPIT) has been established and introduced by the Indian Air Force (IAF)
56On 26 June 2020, Indian Navy (IN) launched the Torpedo Decoy System.
57A National Indian Super Model was introduced by the Science and Technology Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology.
58Thane’s engineer had a web-based robot created.
59IIT Kharagpur researchers have built a cyber physical device focused on artificial intelligence to track the gap in public locations.
60Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awards nominated Rohith Sharma
61Mr IM Vijayan Padma Shri was suggested.
62Language and culture will have Shikar Samman honour Folk Singer Mohan Rathour.
63June 1: Parents’ Global Day