121World Habitat Day was designated by United Nations General Assembly, it was first observed in 1986, its theme was Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth  1st Monday of October (07 October)
122World International Day of Non-Violence designated by United Nations General Assembly It was first observed in 2007   2nd October
123World International day of older persons,designated by United Nations General Assembly,it was first time observed in 1991 and its theme is “The Journey to Age Equality” 1st October 
124World Mental Health Day was designated by World Health Organisation, its theme was Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention  and it was first Observed in 199210th October
125World Post Day was designated by Universal Postal Union  ut was First Observed in 19699th October
126World Sight Day was designated by International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness Its theme was Vision First  and it was first observed in 2000  10th October (2nd Thursday of October) 
127World Teacher’s Day was established by UNESCO, its theme was Young Teachers The Future of the Profession and it was first observed in 1994 5th October