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Facts about sleep.


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  • You might be surprised to know that 15% of the population are sleepy and 5% have a speaking disease in sleep.
  • If your brain feels asleep while you are sleeping, you are not in any danger, then they filter out the voices that can wake you up.
  • Mahatma Gandhi could sleep and wake up as per his wish. Five minutes was enough for them to sleep deeply.

  • People who do not dream, they have a disease named Personality Disorders.
  • There is such a disease in which a man can sleep in sleep only like a sage.
  • Often we feel the most tired at 2.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. at night.
  • The record for the most waking up to the most time was made in 1964 by Randy Gardner of 17 years. He wakes up to 264 hours 12 minutes
  • If you sleep less than 7 hours a night, the chances of colds increase by 3x
  • Sleep Apnea is a disease when breathing stops while sleeping, due to which people are afraid of sleep and are always in stress.

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