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GK about Computer Science


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  • Dr. Douglas Engelbart invented the 1964 mouse.
  • The credit for building the first web site is Tim Berners Lee. These are called the founders of the World Wide Web.
  •  Bill Gates and Paul Allen together set up Microsoft Corporation in 1975.
  •  Bill Gates’s famous book ‘The Road Ahead’ was written in 1995. Currently they are engaged in social work by “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.
  • Blue tooth is a wireless technology by which the computer and various devices are connected in a short distance through mobile phones.
  •  An example of an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) van (WAN) in banks.

  •  WiFi means Wireless Fidelity is used by wireless technology to establish a connection between two devices of the computer.
  •  WAP (Wireless Access Point) is a device that creates a wireless network by adding different media.
  • In the standby mode of the computer the monitor and the hard disk are off so that there is less energy consumption. By pressing any button or clicking a mouse, the computer comes out of standby mode.
  • The mouse pad is not required in the optical mouse because there is no rotating part in it.
  • Hyper Text is a document that connects that web page with another document.
  • The word blog is made up of weblog. Blog is a web site created by a person, where he can keep his thoughts, experiences or information. Other people reading this web site can also comment on this topic.

  • Beta Release To test the usefulness of any software or technology, it is said to be released in the market during construction.
  • Pop-up is an advertisement window that opens itself during web browsing.
  • Credit goes to Christopher Latham Sholes for the construction of the keyboard structure.
  • Digital compact disc (DCD) was invented in 1965 by James Russell.
  • Bob Noyee and Garden Moore jointly established a company called Intel.

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