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How to Start Manufacturing Business of Ceramic Art Wares?

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Highly decorated ceramic wares such as soup bowls, flower vases, napkin holders, nut bowls,
models of birds, animals have a good demand from urban consumers. These products are in
good demand in urban areas as people love to decorate homes and offices with good quality
ceramic art wares. Manufacturing Process : All the fine raw material i.e. Clay, Quartz, feldspar are to br grinded in Ball mill for proper grinding and grinded clay slurry stored in the storage tank or agitator foe getting homogeneous of the clay body, the clay slip is ready for making the various clay products i.e. clay toy ,flower pots, soup bowls, ashtrays, pen stand ,name plates, dinner sets,etc.the Products are to be made by pressing,casting,thronging,jigger and jolly,etc.

After making the products, the products, the green articles are stored inside the work shed or dried in side the work shed or dried in dryers for draying.
The dried articales are to be cleaned by wet sponge to remove any dust particals on the surface
of the article and than apply the ceramic glazes and fired in oil fired furnance/gas fired furnance/

If decorate the articles, the colour may be apply on the surface of articles before applying the

glaze as a under glaze decoration. Also apply the colour after applying glaze decoration.


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