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  •  Which Indian player is known as ‘Gugga’?
    Answer: – Geet Sethi
  •  Which Indian company has started Mission 2018 to promote tennis?
    Answer: – By Apollo Tires
  • What is the shape of boxing ring?
    Answer: – 3.6 × 3.6 to 6.10 × 6.10 m
  •  The football player ‘Pelé’ is known by which other name?
    Answer: – Black Pearl,
  •  Which is the highest organization of the Federation Federation Internationale de la Lute (FILA)?
    Answer: – Wrestling

  •  Which hockey player has compiled the book ‘To Hell With Hockey’?
    Answer: – Aslam Sher Khan
  •  ‘Czechamat’ word related to which game?
    Answer: – From chess
  • Which chess player of India became the second woman in the world to receive Super Grand Master?
    Answer: – Tania Sachdev
  • How many food or class are there in chess game?
    Answer: – 64
  • Which book of Ronald Parry describes Bradman’s ‘Dream Team’?
    Answer: – in Bradman Best

  •  Mithali Raj is a famous sportsman of which sport?
    Answer: – Cricket
  • Mathew Hayden is the cricketer of which country?
    Answer: – Australia’s
  • Where is the Premadasa Stadium related to cricket?
    Answer: – In Colombo (Sri Lanka)

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