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Smart Tips to Dust Proof


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Pretending to clean the house is one of the most important and most common tasks in India where there is so much dust and smoke in the outer environment, daily waste becomes very important.

No Shoes Rules

Dust and dust that shines in your home through shoes, they can surprise you that the dust gets accumulated on your furniture and floor. So do not make "no shoes rules" in your home to overcome this issue. Make a room or corner in your home where you can remove your shoes before you enter your home.

A door mat at every door

Welcome to the entrance of each room. You will enter your home as a result of this small dust. Do not forget to clean the door cut once in two weeks so that the dust collected from the door cloth can be removed.

Beat your cushions and rugs

Cushion and damp dust are magnet. Dust is drawn to them and the store is obtained. So, to clean your rugs, often clean your ropes and chairs so that they can be collected for some time. Get your spots and gloves out (in the garden area or on the terrace) and pull dust out of them. Cut the cover of a suitable hut once and even once in a month.

Vacuum your couch

With asynchronous fabric the puppet absorbs dust very easily. It is also mostly installed on the horizontal surface, so it is recommended to eat or beat such coaches once every 2-3 weeks to remove the dust stored in them.

Clean your carpet

Carpets are dust reserves. It is a big source of fiber and dust looks like sponge. Under the carpet there is a padding dust that goes into the air with every paragraph. So to get rid of dust, once each month there are vacuum carpets of vacuum.


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