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The old mysterious dead bodies

Know the secret of the centuries old mysterious dead bodies


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Know the secret of the centuries old mysterious dead bodies, which have not happened so far…..

Shortly after the death of the person, his body seems to be damaged and it becomes very difficult to keep it late. But there are some dead bodies in the world, which have been in safe condition till date even after passing.
Knowing about these bodies, people feel peculiar, that even after a long time, they are safe.
Some of them remained safe without any solutions and had to take measures for some.

Today we will learn about some of the world’s dead bodies.


Lady Jinn’s Mummy is one of the world’s most protected. Lady Jin Zui was the wife of a politician from the Han Dynasty. His death occurred in 163 BC. After 2000 years when the tomb of Lady Jin Zui was dug in 1972, the body was very safe and blood was present in the nerves. Scientists speculated that his death would have been caused by heart disease.


Zeta was declared a saint in 1696. He was a saint of a noble heart, a Catholic saint who has been given the body of St.Jita in the Basilica di San Frédiano of Luca town in Italy.
People claim that when St.Zeta was dead in 1272, a star appeared on her house. In 1580, his body was extracted and found in a safe condition.


John Torrington, an English officer who died in 1846 during the campaign for the search of Northwest Passage, was then 22 years old at that time. After John Torrington’s death, his body was buried in Baron Tundra in the Arctic in Canada. In 1984, all the people were surprised when Torrington’s grave was dug to shift. Torrington’s dead body was kept in the same way.


Dorjho Etigilov, a Burayt Buddhist monk. He was killed in meditation in 1927. His dead body was given to the tomb in the right place in the same position. In 1955, when the followers of Itigilov opened their tombstone, the body found its position in meditation as it was. People were surprised to see this After this the dead body was kept in the Itigal Khambani Palace Temple.


Rosalia Lombardo died in 1920.
The daughter body of Rosalia Lombardo, a two-year-old baby girl, in Sicily’s capital Palermo, is kept, whose father secured her daughter’s body from the Expert. Express to keep the body safe, using chemicals such as alcohol, silicic acid and glycerin, This body is kept safe from today.


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