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Job or business?


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poonam asked 2 weeks ago

People generally get confused when it comes to choosing the career or what if I put it in other words, whenever they are going to decide how they are going to pay their bills for future that is, mean of earning. Most of the people like to get jobs rather than having business. Apparently, the reason can be mentioned below

  1. Less worriesThe point is when we think of starting our business this and decision can bring a lot of pressure. Taking care of everything with a lot of care, however doing a job is less pressurizing in my perspective.
  2. learning with assistanceit’s hard to make things on your own when you have to so many things .or so many out of these you have no idea how to deal. So I think its better to even working for someone else learn the techniques and as an advantage if u ever find yourself in trouble with understanding things you can always enquire.

    It’s entirely your own call whether to opt a job or to start your own business. But make sure you do it right way and moreover you need to be happy about it.

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