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Procrastination? Does it make us more creative?


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Answers ListCategory: Language, Culture & LiteratureProcrastination? Does it make us more creative?
poonam asked 3 weeks ago

Procrastination, at the first place is a term which is used to demonstrate a state of putting something off because you do not really feel like doing it at that time. We all at some point do procrastinate. The matter here is whether we should consider it a positive trait or negative one? Well, according to some traditional view, it is not good to put things off for later, and that later never comes. If we see in a different way, according to research, people who are intelligent get distracted from work easily. Here we can take an example of the great artist And Da Vinci, who created the master piece ”The Mona lisa”.he clearly mentioned that while he was working on this painting, he was quite diverted in meantime. He spent 16 year to complete that painting, and here he is with recognized worldwide painting. It surely does not mean though that we should always delay our work to make it even more creative. But the fact is we get enough time to reconsider our task and even as many changes as possible in it. Another aspect to support it as a creative outcome is when we contemplate, our mind wanders and find better and easy way to do that work .so this proves that people who wants to do work in more non conventional way always putting off work for later.

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