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Extreme sports. Dangerous or adventurous?


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Answers ListCategory: Nature & EnvironmentExtreme sports. Dangerous or adventurous?
poonam asked 1 month ago

Talking on favors side, extreme sports like skydiving are not really dangerous when played under proper precautions’ and instruction .Amateur people really should go under training before performing these sports. Apart from code of conducts, there are also age restrictions on these sports .so apparently, these can be played under probability of certain risk which is part of every sport we play .there are always chances to fell down when you are playing football so it’s not really a big deal to get part in these extreme ones .protected environment by the professionals, who make it sure that anything do not go wrong, assures the safety at one side.

This type of adventurous activity which no doubt have some extreme danger involves make it worth a try. Its everyone’s own wish whether they really want to do it or not. These are just a leisure time activities, not a compulsion for anyone to try. Danger which is known to us is not really a danger but an opportunity if we can really turn into non dangerous or exciting thing instead. These sports may have some risk but we can’t really cut these of due to it as every point of life we have to face risk .

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