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Prevent climate change or find ways to live with it?


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Answers ListCategory: Nature & EnvironmentPrevent climate change or find ways to live with it?
poonam asked 1 month ago

Changing Climate is really a big issue as it is inviting so many environmental problems. People generally argue that rather than making efforts to protect the earth from the problem which might occur because of changing climate, people should really try to live in this condition in best possible manner’s it is going to happen anyway. It is a very famous quote that prevention is better than cure. To stick to that statement

Society and government can do a lot to make this earth a place to live. I personally believe we can still stop the things which are hampering the climate .CFC emitted through Ac and refrigerators is really affecting environment .People can use less natural resources .Also if they try the more conventional way of living like using cycles instead of motor cars which emit dangerous air which pollutes environment and results into climate change, can really help to deal with this problem.Also,government can really take initiatives by imposing fines and penalty on people who adds to the pollution so that can be halted to great extent.

However, the damage has been done already, and there is not really a way which can undo it .but by continuing the same disaster would be doubled. Even though by even making huge effort for several we cannot make the climate as same as it was a century ago but at least we can make sure we do not add to the damage more. We can simply mitigate it by adapting a better life which do not harm our surroundings .whereas, if people continue to live with it, its near to impossible to face the consequences that in my perspective are far worse than now. It is always better to try even if it just make 1% change.

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