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What is perfect society? How to make it perfect?


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Answers ListCategory: Nature & EnvironmentWhat is perfect society? How to make it perfect?
poonam asked 2 weeks ago

Perfect society means a society where everyone wishes to live, a Society having great standards of living. Higher rates of safety and availability of entertainment or ideally located .there are need of different factors to make society worth to live in. Major factor however is safety. Every person wants to live in a society where these are less crimes. A perfect society can be different for different person, but for major population some essential things to make it ideal for everyone are mentions ahead. First of all, crime free society is what everyone wishes for. It is pretty hard to live somewhere where u always feel threaten. Another good way to make society perfect is by perfect society can be built on mutual trust of residing people. If we feel connected with them we feel that we live in there like a home that’s a good trait. Even our own home sometimes feel like not good enough but we make it perfect by putting efforts together that is the same case with society we live in .last but not the least important factor which contribute to make society ideally perfect to live is by following certain code of conduct . Its apparent why rules are important because of laws and rules people fear to do wrong things. So proper discipline and by following the rules a society can become a little better.

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