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  1. The government is usually made up of the legislature, executive, and judiciary. Basically, the government is a system that governs the state or the community. It is a group of people who the authority or power to rule a territory, according to the administrative law. A country, a state or province wRead more

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  2. India-born, Pramila Jayapal, became the first South Asian American woman to chair the US House. Ms. Jayapal serves the seventh congressional district of Washington DC. From 2015 to 2017, she served the 37th legislative district in the Washington State Senate as a member of the Democratic Party.

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  3. most places have sites of historical interest and a variety of museums to visit, it is predominantly tourists who come to see them, not local people. This essay will examine the reasons for this before suggesting some possible methods of attracting local people. The main factor is the different motiRead more

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  4. Tourism play a significant role for booming an adds the value in terms of money by foreign currency although due to several reasons people consider tourism negative for their own culture government can take various corrective measures to rather alter the perspective of people for tourism.Read more

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  5. *EVMs will have NOTA(None Of The Above) option at end of candidates list. *Voters can express disapproval of candidates without being identified *However, this won't affect poll outcome and candidates with maximum votes will be declared elected.

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