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Old age care support should be earned by own or should be provided by the government?


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Answers ListCategory: Politics & Modren WorldOld age care support should be earned by own or should be provided by the government?
poonam asked 1 month ago

It is the matter of argument indeed. It somehow is our own responsibility to earn to support us in the age when we become dependent on others. It’s better to be able to support yourself when you are old however, state have responsibility too to help the old age people in crisis. That is why they elect them to get assistance in tough time which getting old is indeed.

Saving funds for old age is rituals for every person .They know they will need money when they would not be able to earn it or when their health would not cooperate with them. It’s like taking preventive measure for the upcoming problems or being ready to face them anyway. Getting old is part of life and eventually everyone will pass through it. And no matter how much money a person earns most of it goes to the pocket of government through taxes so apparently, it is government’s responsibility to reimburse that money which somehow it got from people by the way of taxes. Even if a person is earning much but daily expenses would not help them to save much .in such case its better they get help from government. At that fragile stage they really need support .Mostly children do not provide them enough money for medication so they totally rely on old age homes or pension schemes run by government. In a gist, while it is a good step to start saving money in early age to be prepared for oldage,they should not worry about it so much because they know government is there to help them to pay back the services they provided it in their young life

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