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Are we the only one race who exist on this universe?


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Answers ListCategory: Science, Engineering & MathsAre we the only one race who exist on this universe?
poonam asked 3 weeks ago

That’s quite an exciting question to ask .Its thrilling to know that are we the only one who are living as human being on this planet called earth. A whole research is already going on to find out whether life exist outside the planet we live in. The fact that we haven’t found life elsewhere yet doesn’t mean that such life does not exist. My own guesses are, there is existence of life somewhere else .The universe is big and there are plenty of stars where life could be possible. We never know this universe is full of wonders and surprises so anything can come up and surprise us. I mean who knew we will ever land to moon or who knew there were other planets earlier but now so many things are discovered by the astronauts so I think they will find the possibility of existence of this race too may be someday. Mars is main target, and we keep sending spacecrafts to try to find out if there was ever life there. With so many planets out there it is hard to imagine even that the life do not exist anywhere. Question here is will we ever find out it? It is still a question. We possibly know better about only one planet yet that is earth .there are other galaxies and planets we do not have any idea about in detail .We haven’t really experienced the life there .May be people were living there, those who are like us or might be quite different or there may be still the creatures like on earth .We can never find out without going there. Fact is this whole concept is just unknown to us does not mean it does not exist at all. Research will continue on space may be someday we will find out that whether we are the only one or there are some other creatures l

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