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Artificial intelligence is boon or bane?


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Answers ListCategory: Science, Engineering & MathsArtificial intelligence is boon or bane?
poonam asked 1 month ago

Artificial intelligence can be very cruel when it comes to life. It is becoming very common that mechanical world is taking over lives. It is generally believed that human led computers are taking over life. Especially in negative way. Talking about having good consequences, ever since this technology came into our life, it made it easier in so many ways. For example, now we can use computer instructor to do the heavy work on the behalf of human being. It is providing assistances in every field of work whether it is household or factory work. On the other hand, computer led intelligence has so many adverse effects on our lives as well. Having holding most of the work area by mechanical world very less job are available for humans.apparently; it is inviting unemployment in economy. Apart from this, this technology, the way it is growing making human idle and dependant on it. No wonder people would become slave of their own inventions’ someday. Also, no matter how official technological instruments are they are still made by human mind so they cannot surpass it; however it always run smoothly is a person is around from proper functioning. By looking at all the perspectives it seems it is not a good idea to make an economy robot ruling. It’s better to limit the use of it in some way possible.

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