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Why are birds not as free as they seem?

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One of the most popular symbols of freedom is a flying bird. Indeed, when you see a bird soaring into the vast blue sky singing joyfully, you feel that it has not a care in the world. You think that it can go wherever it pleases, whenever it pleases- and do whatever it wants. However, the fact is that a bird is not as free as it seems. Like all animals, a bird also has ‘territory’ of its own, within which it flies. Even birds that migrate to distant lands follow a certain fixed route and schedule, and they can’t just wander around as long as they want, but must return home at a specific time or season. Birds also have to defend their territories from intruders, and their young ones from attackers. Even their song is not just an expression of joy, they sing for a very serious reason- to attack a mate! So you see, there is no need to envy a bird- it has responsibilities, and has to follow certain rules just as you do!


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